An American rented an apartment for a couple of cats for $1.5 thousand, because they did not get along with his dog

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An amazing incident occurred recently in Silicon Valley, which is famous not only for a large number of high-tech companies but also for its high prices, as well as rich local residents.

One of them, a man named Troy Good, rented an apartment worth $1,500 per month for a couple of cats.

Louise, one of two cats. Photo Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group

The 43-year-old Troy Hood rents a 37-square-meter studio apartment for cats in Louise and Tina, located in the city of San Jose. Homeowner David Callisch gave an interview with The Mercury News, which described how cats turned out to be his best tenants.

According to the man, last fall the daughter of his friend Troy, an 18-year-old girl named Victoria, went to study at the Azusa Pacific University.

She left two cats at home, which she could not take with her to the hostel. Therefore, her father was instructed to look after cats with a mixture of Maine Coon and Bombay breeds.

The man also could not keep the cats at home, as they did not get along with his dog. Therefore, he found an original way out — he rented a separate apartment for them from his friend David Callisch.

Now Louise and Tina live in comfortable apartments, and their owner pays for it every month 1,5 thousand dollars, despite the fact that the average cost of such housing in Silicon Valley is approximately 1.9 thousand. However, according to Troy, he is ready to pay much more for peace and quiet in his house.

Cats do not have a kitchen in the apartment, which is even good, because they are unlikely to use it. But the price of apartments from this is getting lower.

David Callisch admits that Louise and Tina are among his best tenants. According to the man, cats are very calm and do not cause any inconvenience.

The owner of the apartment often visits cats and has already managed to make friends with them.


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